MBZUAI Scholarship

Extended Deadline | The application submission deadline is extended to April 30, 2022.
Info-session | Interested students are invited to join a webinar session on February 24th to learn more about the scholarships, application process, and discuss with representatives from MBZUAI — RSVP at bit.ly/3G3552z

Research Lab/Projects | Information about MBZUAI research labs/projects that might be interesting to your students 3D Vision Lab @ MBZUAI Interesting mix of MBZUAI representation and international representation. MBZUAI Computer Vision Lab papers have been accepted international conferences. MBZUAI SPriNT-AL Lab includes faculty, PhD and MSc Students and Research assistants.

We look forward to having students from Bandung Institute of Technology to admit at MBZUAI this Fall 2022 semester. Upon enrolling in MBZUAI programs, students will have the opportunity to collaborate with and benefit from the mentorship of faculty coming from Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, MIT, Oxford, and many other renowned institutes.



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