The history of Post-graduate education at ITB was part of the development of ITB itself, starting with the establishment of the Technische Hogeschool te Bandung (TH) on 3 July,1920. The first graduate of the Post-graduate school was N.H. van Harpen who obtained the Doctorate degree in civil engineering in 1930. Prior to that, J.W. Ijerman obtained the degree of Doctor honoris causa in the same field in 1925. With the development of the history of Indonesia Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia was established , integrating i Balai Perguruan Tinggi Republik Indonesia (19 August, 1945) and Universiteit van Indonesia (1947) based on the Emergency Law no. 7 of the year 1950. Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) was officially opened on 2 March, 1959 and it was the integration of two faculties which were part of Universitas Indonesia in Bandung, namely the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in addition to Balai Universiter Guru Gambar (House of Drawing Teachers).

When this institution still had the status of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Universitas Indonesia, ITB had produced 17 Doctors in Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Geology, Physics Pharmacy, Mathematics, and Chemistry. The first Doctorate graduate of ITB was S. Sartono , from Geology department, who completed his study in 1958. From that time to the year 2005 ITB has produced 404 Doctors, including 3 orang Doctors honoris causa, Dr.Ir. Soekarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr.Ir. Sediatmo, and Prof.Dr.Ir. Rooseno.

In 1976 the Post-graduate School of Institut Teknologi Bandung was established, which was tLhen changed its name into Program Pascasarjana (Post-graduate Program), and later it was called Sekolah Pascasarjana (Post-graduate School) in 2005. The first graduate of the Doctor Program from this School was Ir. Sri Hardjoko who obtained his Doctorate degree in 1979 in Mechanical Engineering with Prof.Ir. Samudro, Prof.Dr. R. Van Hasselt and Prof.Ir. Handojo as the supervisors/promoters.

The Master Program at Institut Teknologi Bandung started in 1979 with three study programs, Physics, Mathematics, and Mechanical Engineering.In 1980 it opened 8 (eight) new study programs making it to have 11 study programs. The new study programs are the study program of Architecture, Biology, Electrical Engineering, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Industrial Engineering and Management. Currently there are 41 study programs at the Post-graduate School of ITB. Since the academic year of 1979/1980 the Post-graduate School of ITB Has produced 15.500 Master graduates (S2) and 579 Doctor graduates from various study programs.