Overview of Doctoral Program

The Doctor Program is aimed at producing graduates who have the academic attitude, who are able to conduct research independently, and who can give significant contributions to science, engineering, art and design. The research conducted to get Doctorate degree includes the area of Engineering, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Art and Design. The Doctorate degree is conferred after the candidates show a deep mastery of the field concerned, and they also show the ability and skill to conduct independent research on one or more branches of science related to their field of study. The research should be original or uncover something new. The result of the research will enrich the existing resources of science, engineering, art and design or reveal new issues that can be proved scientifically.

The length of time for the Doctor Program is three years, consisting of 6 (six) semesters. The normal study load for each semester is between 9 credits and 12 credits. The academic load for the whole Doctor Program is 40 – 52 credits. The maximum study time for the Doctor Program is 5 (five) years.